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Add an unforgettable touch to a traditional look with vintage-style lighting.

Feast your eyes.

This refined chandelier brings to mind the lavish, elegant dinner parties of a different era. A clever openwork design of flowing curved lines makes this dining room lighting choice simply beautiful. With six shimmering candelabra base lamps, it provides a well-appointed focal point and the perfect amount of light for any size gathering. Pair it with a table lamp to dress up your dining area even more.

You May Want to Consider

  • Light Placement

    • Chandeliers are the focal point, suspended over your table.
    • Choose a chandelier that is 6” narrower that the smallest table width.
    • The bottom of a chandelier should be 30-36 inches above the table.
  • Make it special

    • Instead of a single light source, illuminate using various sources.
    • Use a dimmer switch to create ambience with your chandelier.
    • Lighted wall sconces add decoration and drama to the dining area.
  • Installation Tips

    • Install a fan brace before installing any chandelier.
    • Most fan braces are designed to handle 50 lb. units.
    • Before any install, ensure the power is off on the electrical panel.
  • Location is key

    • Use recessed lighting to focus on art or other displays.
    • Hang low pendant lights instead of a chandelier for appeal.
    • Highlight room décor for a dramatic effect in your room.
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