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An eclectic mix of styles can create a look that shines.

Strike a balance.

With its unique design, our Zen Style Vanity Lamp is a beautiful blend of contemporary chic and classic warmth. The strong, square lines of its dark oak finished back plate contrast nicely with its pretty, frosted glass shade. This versatile fixture complements most decorating styles and can be mounted to face up or down.

You May Want to Consider

  • Light Placement

    • Vanity lighting is the most important to illuminate for grooming.
    • Wall mounted fixtures offer general, task and accent lighting.
    • Use eye level sconces on either side of your mirror.
  • Make it special

    • Make your bathroom a luxurious sanctuary with proper lighting.
    • Avoid lighting above the mirror which will throw shadows on your face.
    • Use accent lighting to showcase art in your bathroom.
  • Installation Tips

    • With water present, use a ground-fault circuit interrupter for outlets.
    • Never plug in an electrical item near the presence of water.
    • Before any install, ensure the power is off on the electrical panel.
  • Location is key

    • Optimal placement for side vanity lights is 65” from the floor.
    • Locate your fan and lighting on different switches.
    • Maximize your bathroom light with small illuminated vanity mirrors.
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